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The deepening row between Angara and Washington has taken another dramatic turn, after President Recep Tayyip Erdogan told Turks to boycott US goods.


Turkish people are resorting to drastic measures to show their support for their President, smashing their iphones with god-darned hammers and American products with other solid stuff.

President Erdogan held America responsible for Turkey’s sluggish economy after US doubled tariffs on aluminium and steel.


In vengeance, Erdogan said that Turkey would boycott US electronic products and increased tariffs on goods imported from the States, sources added.


Affirming to President’s call, Turks are taking to social media to publicly shattering U.S made products.


Several videos have surfaced on Twitter where people can be seen smashing their iPhones with sledgehammers.


Turkish people expressed their anguish by pouring Coca-Cola down the Toilet.


People are using the hashtag #TurkeyWillPrevail accompanying the videos.



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