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Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Parbandak Committee, head Manjit Singh GK has been beaten in the United States of America, yet again.

This time GK has been assaulted at Yuba City if California. Assaulters, it looks like knew what they were going to do, as they came prepared.

He was beaten when he came to pay homage at Gurudwara of Yuba City. Video of this attack was later uploaded on Facebook, which went viral and now the ‘Panth’ is actually furious on the attackers.

Factually, when GK was attacked, the first thing attackers did, was to knock his turban off.

Attack On Rehat Maryada

Turban holds the highest rank of respect in Sikh religion, as the tenth guru of Sikhism said in ‘Bani’, “Menu Sikh Peyara Nhi, Sikh Ton Pehlan Rehat Peyari” ( Religious discipline is dearer than Sikh himself to me).

If the guru himself has said that the Rehat Maryada is dearer to him than his Sikh, doesn’t this make Manjit Singh’s attackers lesser Sikh than him?

In this latest video, GK can be seen receiving, immense beating; he’s been punched, kicked and abused verbally.

Before things could have gone worst, Manjit was saved by his associates who sheltered him into a car.

GK Has Released A Video Too

After the beating, a video has been released from the victim (allegedly) party, where Manjit is seen standing in front the Yuba City Gurudwara.

He in this video says, “This is not the first attack that I have survived, they tried killing me at New York, they tried killing me at Delhi and now here, but the Guru is with me, hence, so I live to tell the tale.”

GK has claimed that, local police have arrested some attackers of his while some of them managed to fled, but he wishes them luck and that the Guru would track them back on the way of goodness.

According to initial reports, the police have nabbed as many as three attackers of Manjit Singh.

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