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For burning houses, violating the curfew and rioting during the Sikh Genocide of 1984, the High Court of Delhi today upheld the conviction of 80 people.

This is almost the same kind of outcome the famous ’84 lawyer, HS Phoolka expected earlier. He tweeted earlier;

#1984SikhGenocide Delhi High Court will pronounce judgement (judgment) tomorrow, Wednesday in batch appeals where 88 persons are accused of rioting in Trilokpuri are during #1984riots. In court no 25, Justice RK Gauba at 2.15pm.”

Honorable judge R K Gauba today, rejecting appeals of 80 out of 88 guilty rioters, asked the hooligans to yield  and do the needed time.

After been slapped by the conviction 22-years ago from a trial court, the hoodlums were fighting the case ever since.

Back then 107 accused were arrested by police 2nd November 1984 for rioting in the Sikh populated area of Trilokpuri/ East Delhi.

From these 107, as many as 88 were awarded jail time by Sessions Court.  The FIR in this case, confirms that 95 people were lynched brutally during the Trilokpuri genocide and 100 homes were burnt.

Many of these guilty have already died. But the question which looms large here is, is the punishment of  slaughtering 95 people on streets like beasts is just five years in penitentiary?


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