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indian-origin man

Two men have been sentenced to a sum of 40 years in prison by a London court, convicted of fatal stabbing of an Indian-origin man past this year.

In March, 48-year old Balbir Johal was beaten in the Southall, suburban of west London and rushed to the hospital with stab wounds, despite that he died later.

Yassin Yussuf (21) and Hassan Mohammed (24) were charged with the murder of Balbir Johal a day after detectives from the Major Crime Command and Metropolitan Police’s Homicide opened a murder investigation.

On Tuesday, at the hearing in the Old Bailey court in London, 26 years’ imprisonment has been sentenced to Mohammed and before being considered for release, he is told to serve the full term first.

With lesser charge of manslaughter, Yussuf has been sentenced 14 years in jail.

Further he was told that he must serve nine-and-a-half years in jail before being considered for release.

Detective Chief Inspector of Met’s Homicide and Major Crime Command, Nicky Wall said, “This fateful encounter, despite the best efforts of medical staff, cost Balbir his life.”

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