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A two-year-old infant, who was stuck in an over 125-foot deep borewell for 109 hours, was declared dead after being pulled out Tuesday morning in Sangrur district.

After Fatehveer Singh was rescued, he was flown to PGI Chandigarh in an ambulance.

Fatehveer was pulled out at around 5 am this morning; meanwhile, his family members apprehended that they did not see any movement in the infant’s body and lost all hopes. Two hours later, he was declared dead.

The boy fell into a 150 feet borewell in a field near his house located in the fields on the Sunam-Sheron road on Thursday evening.

The borewell was open and covered with a jute bag and the boy accidently stepped on it and fell. His mother tried to rescue him but failed.

There is strong resentment among the parents and the people on the failure of the government and administration to save the infant.

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