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Nabha boy

Northern America is no stranger to Punjabis and also the alarmingly increasing crime rate against them.

In which can be yet another hate crime as suspected by many, a 21-year-old boy named, Vishal Sharma from Patiala’s Nabha district has been found dead in Toronto of Canada.

Nabha Boy

The boy was sent there by his parents who financed the migration after lending money from Bank.

Vishal was the only son of Sharma family which is visibly devastated since they got the grimiest call from Canadian police about the death of their son.

According to Naresh Kumar the father of deceased, he himself is a clerk in a government school. Just a year ago he sent his son to Canada seeking better future.

“He came back a few months back and spent some time with us, we never knew that this was the last time we are seeing him, I could have keep him here” said a lamenting Naresh.

Although the reason of death for now has not been given by the Canadian police, Sharma family believes that it probably was a murder.

Nabha boy

The family now has applied the government to  help them bringing back their son’s dead body, so that they can perform his last rituals in peace.

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