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In the Tuesday’s election, all the four Indian-American Democrat members of the House of Representatives were re-elected.

Also, a member of the community won the position of Attorney General in Wisconsin state.

Representing a constituency near Chicago in Illinois, Raja Krishnamoorthi won nearly 66% of the votes, defeating his challenger JD Diganvker, an Indian-American of the Republican Party.

Ami Bera and Ro Khanna from California and Pramila Jeyapal from Washington State were other House candidates who were re-elected.

While none of the other Indian-Americans running for Congress hit the big time.

With a margin of 1% of the votes in a tight race, Democrat Josh Kaul was elected Attorney General of Wisconsin.

Kaul will be the second Indian-American Attorney General after Gurbir Grewal, who is a turban-wearing Sikh in New Jersey where Attorneys General are appointed by the Governor and not elected.

With only around 3.5% of the votes, Shiva Ayyadurai, who ran as an Independent lost badly against Massachusetts Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren.

According to a database of the Indian American Impact Fund and Desis for Progress, at least seven other Indians ran for Congress on Democratic Party tickets but lost.

Running for the House as a Republican from Connecticut, Harry Arora lost.

Also, the database showed that six Indian-American Democrats had been elected to State legislatures for the very first time.

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