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Canada Kabaddi

Punjabis and the land of Canada has a very different kind of bond, a very serious even. Every Punjabi once in his life have had a dream of going to Canada.

Punjabis are using more most weird ways to reach the dream land of Canada from ages, from disguising as Bhangra instructor to acting as dancing crew with pop singers, we just want to be there.

Lately, as the cultural reform is taking place at the ‘Maple Land’,  the NRIs have reignited their love for the beloved game of Punjab, Kabaddi.

The NRIs are showering money upon the players of Kabaddi and some percentage of them are exploiting this love from the west.

According to a report published in a Northern Indian Newspaper, as many as 47% of the Kabaddi players of Punjabi origin, that went  to Canada since the year 2015 till 2017.

The report reads that in these three years many players flew to Canada to play matches but 123 of them never came back.

Form these 123 Punjabis, 67 got the work visa from by various companies where 3 where given refuge when a large 53 of these players “disappeared”.

This disappearance here means that these 53 people illegally are hiding somewhere in Canada, probably with fake identity cards.

This raises another big question that why couldn’t we give our children such a state where they would want to live?

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