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Our ways and lifestyle is getting so digital, so are our ways of enjoyment.

Movies are one of the new ways of enjoyment, may it be friends, family or any person to spend time with.

Our lives are so busy that we almost forget to catch glimpses of loved ones even a day.

To add more, when we live in different cities or states, it’s almost impossible to spend time.

Disguised National Holiday.

Diwali is kind of National holiday. It’s not stated but as people of all religions celebrate it.

It’s like Hindus have their own reasons to celebrate and Sikhs have their own.

Henceforth, Corporate sector has announced bonuses as well as they have holidays.

All in all, Diwali has so much happiness to unfold.

Movies to watch

Since, we have free time which we barely get for family.

So, Let’s unfold happiness by watching these movies with our family which are quite informative.

They carry a very good message.

These ones are comedy as well as emotional.

So at the same time we will have a blend of cry and laugh.

These are absolutely intimacy content free.

No fear of getting uncomfortable.

Just sit with a bowl popcorn n’ sip pepsi and watch:



We are family

O my god

Hera Pheri


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