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mumbai terror attack

On the completion of ten years of the Mumbai terror attack, the United States has expressed sympathy for India on Sunday.

US State Secretary Mike Pompeo has announced the award to the person who will provide any information related to the 2008 terror attack in Mumbai.

Pompeo announced that information related to the Mumbai attack whereby any person connected with the attack may be arrested or identified, the US government will award a $ 5 million reward to the person.

In his statement, Pompeo said, “I express sympathy for the citizens of India and the City of Mumbai on behalf of the United States and all US citizens, after 10 years of terrorist attacks in Mumbai are completed. We are standing with those who lost their relatives in this ruthless attack. 26/11 attack shook the entire world.”

America will also put pressure on Pakistan to convince the culprits of the attack, added Pompeo.

He said that it is shameful that even after 10 years of the attack; its conspiracy is far from the law.

(Harleen Sandhu)

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