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(Boney Bindra) If the law is lifted, there is not much difference between a human being and a beast. Plato has called us a political, social animal and I suppose this is what we really are, animals.

Shakespeare said, Mob has no face; and when a person become faceless, it also loses the character and shame of it, plus the ways of society.

We have seen how people reacted during the riots, during all of them, not any particular one.

These mobsters are usually not professional looters, they are just common people living in the world momentarily, without any law.

Hooligans don’t have any religion, they are just driven with pure lust of money and sometimes flesh too.

Generally when people talk about Sikh pogrom of 1984, people portray Hindus as beasts and enemies of Sikhism.

But after knowing the story of Surjit Kaur, whose husband was killed during the riots and whose whole family was evicted from her own house paints a little different picture of Hindus and Muslims too.

She was a resident of Jharkhand and her whole family was looted and beaten by the angry mob.

“I had my one kid in my arms and another was walking on the road, holding my finger, when a shout got my attention, Yeh Bhi Punjabi Hai Maro Ise bhi (she is a Punjabi too, kill her)” Surjit Singh wiping tears off her cheeks reminded.

Anyhow she managed to get to her in-laws’ house safely at that time, but the mob identified and marked her house and attacked the residence later.

She was so severely hurt that the scars are not the only things that hurt even now. “After they looted our house and left us on the floors half-dead, they escaped, they even burnt the doors of our houses with kerosene” recalled Kaur.

Surjit Kaur, claims that then their Muslim neighbors requested them to leave the home as it is and take a retreat at a temple in the jungle behind their home.

Pushing her mind’s limits she reminds the time as, “We spent many days in the temple, hungry, thirsty, with two infants and I later came to know, that I was two month pregnant at that point of time. The Hindu family which was hosting us, shared their bread with us.”

Surjit Kaur and her family was recovered from the forest after some time by the army. The army then put them into a Guru-Ghar where she and her family was safe, for some time only; mob attacked the Gurdwara too and robbed them again.

She somehow managed getting the family to Chandigarh, where she is living right now.

Kaur, later came to know that the family of the temple, which was hid them for many days, was attacked and killed too; just for helping them.

Her husband was at West Bengal at that time, he never came back. Last ray of her hope died after 15 years when she had to made a new ration-card.

The victim was compelled to write “Late” in front of her husband’s name, as she knew that he would never come back now.

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