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(Boney Bindra) Meat eating is a very controversial topic in Sikhism, and I am going to discuss it today, so pardon me if someone may get hurt after reading my words.

For the first time in the history of writing opinions, it can easily be the first time that today I am not going to give any of my onion at all in this piece.

I am just going to lay the facts in front of you and then hope that you may get the best possible knowledge about this subject.

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Someone had to write about this after a video from a Guru-Ghar of Hyderabad went viral. Actually, the reason behind all the fuzz was, the fact that ‘Sewadars’ were serving meat as ‘langar’.

This video then divided the Sikh-Smaj into two one set of people were against it, when the other half was totally supporting it.

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Hence, I decided to search the truth and the reality, with a single question in mind,
“whether it is okay for a Sikh to eat meat or not?”

Pehla Kadam

First step I believe, that any person who wants to write about Sikhism take, is to check the official website of Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee.

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I checked twice on their website, regarding what the Sikh Committee has to say about the meat eating controversy in religion, because there is already a lot of confusion on this matter.

But nothing on this matter was published on this matter, some religious experts that I have talked to regarding this believes that SGPC due to its political wing, Shiromani Akali Dal don’t want to stuck between this controversy.

What Does The Bani Says?

If we read and try to learn the meaning behind the Gurbani of founder of Sikhism, Guru Nanak, he at one instance writes;

Mas Mas Kar Moorakh Jhagde Giyani Dhian Nhi Jane,

Kon Mas Koun Saag Kahawe Kis Mah Paap Smaane

The Gurbani Searcher application of Android translates it as, “The fools argue about flesh and meat , but they know nothing about meditation and spiritual wisdom, what is called meat and what is called green vegetables? what leads to sin?

Nanak Continues the same argument with these words;

Mash Nime Mash Jamme, Hum Masse Ke Bhande,

Geyan Dheyan Kuch Sujhe Nahi, Chattar Kahawe Pande

” Gurbani Searcher application of Android translates it as, in the flesh we are conceived, and in the flesh we are born; we are vessels of flesh.”

“O, Religious Scholar, you know nothing about spiritual wisdom and meditation, even though you call yourself clever.”

Against Eating Meat

But the Bani also says;

Onhi mandai Pair Na Rakhi-o Kar Sukarit Dharam Kamayia,

Onhi Dunia Tode Bandhna Ann Pani Thoda Khayea

Sikh-Wiki translates this Shabad of Guru Nanak Dev’s as

“They don’t place their feet in sin, but do good deeds and live righteously in Dharma, They burn away the bonds of the world, and eat a simple diet of grain and water.”

Registered in Gurbani, Saint Kabir argues that one mustn’t eat meat by these words;

D kateb khh mt jhoothe jhootha jo na bichare, jio sabh mah ek khudai khtt hou tau kiyun murgi mare

Sikh-Wiki translates this Shabad of Saint Kabir as, “Do not say that the Vedas, the Bible and the Quran are false. Those who do not contemplate them are false. You say that the One Lord is in all, so why do you kill chickens?”

Saint Kabeer has had some very harsh words for the meat-eating Kaazi;

Kiya ujju pak kiya muhu dhoya kiya maseet sir layeya, jao dil meh kappat niwaj gujarah kiya hajj kabbe jayeya

Sikh-Wiki translates this Shabad of Saint Kabir as, “And what good are your purifications? Why do you bother to wash your face? And why do you bother to bow your head in the mosque? Your heart is full of hypocrisy; what good are your prayers or your pilgrimage to Mecca?”

So, clearly there are no lucid directions in Gurbani on whether a Sikh should be eating meat or not.

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In next part of this series we will discuss, the diet of “Guru Ki Fauj”, Nihang Singhs!

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