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(Boney Bindra) A video has been circulating  on the social media from yesterday evening in which, Previous cop Simranjit Singh Maan is shown kicking MLA Maur Jagdev Singh Kamalu on stage.

The video it seems like was shot at the latest Bargadi march.

Since ever, it came floating up on the surface, the video has raised quite a stir all around Sikh community.

Various people have various thought on the issue, some are seeing as another heroic task done by the ex-cop while there are criticizing Mann for the kick.

The Incident

Actually, the whole drama started when Sukhpal Singh Khaira, Simarjit Singh Bains, Jathedar Dhyan Singh Mand, Jathedar Baljit Singh Daduwal and others in the tussling task of sitting on the front row of stage.

Some of the sitting leaders had already spoken, and now it was Shiromani Akali Dal (Amaritsar) head Maan’s time to spoke.

Hundreds of thousands of people present at the Bargadi March of 7th October, a dream come true for any politician.

There were some serious tug-o-wars going between all the leaders to get front seat on the stage, from where the speeches were being delivering.

Maan Got It First

With this competition of getting better seat, everyone forgot for what they gathered and who was presented on the stage among them all; Guru Granth Sahib.

Maan absorbed as many as four forceful pushes on the back before kicking Kamalu.

At last as  the video shows, MLA Maur while trying to sit just behind the trio of Khaira-Bains-Mand, accidently sits on feet of the pro-Khalistani leader.

Once A Policeman Always A Policeman

There is a saying in India, if one ever worked in or for Police, that high-hand attitude is there to stick along forever.

Maan was also used to be a cop once, he served as SP, SSP and then IG in Railways, we have seen that police-y attitude in his speeches already.

Image result for simranjit singh mann as police officer

Attitude of which the whole Punjab is fan of, led Simranjit to kick a fellow, Sikh, fellow politician and that too under the presence of Guru Granth Sahib.

Many people are openly speaking that although Maan has resigned from his police post, that ‘Hekdi’ of a police officer is still with him.

The Actual and Obvious Reason

One school of thought commentates that Simranjit Singh was already depressed with the way the protest his party started was hijacked by Khaira and other Aam Adami Party Leaders.

It has been long since Jathedar Dhyan Singh Mand of Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar) is sitting on an agitation at Bargadi.


But from last two-three months SAD’s (A) project was takenover by Sukhpal Singh Khaira.

This could have been very frustrating for Maan to have worked so hard and the time came to reap the crop, the AAP rebels landed from no way.

Is that the real reason, behind Simranjit Singh Maan’s kicking Kamalu?

Here is the video;




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