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Ranveer Singh and Sarah Ali Khan’s movie ‘ Simmba ‘ has been released today in theaters. ‘ Simmba ‘ is directed by Rohit Shetty, and perfectionist Ranveer Singh has given a wonderful gift to his fan in the role of policeman.

First view? It is has all the features of Masala Entertainer.

Comedy has a great rap in action with ‘ Simmba ‘. The cameos of Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devgun double the fun of watching this movie.

Your heart will be happy with the ‘ Simmba ‘ and ‘Singham’ duo on screen, because the glimpse of ‘Singham’ also appears in ‘ Simmba ‘.

This is Ranveer’s first film after marriage and is the second movie of Sara Ali Khan after her superb debut in Kaidarnath.

Simmba (Ranvir Singh), an orphan boy living in village Sivangarh of ‘Singham’ movie, wants to become a police officer from his childhood. Through police uniform, he wants to earn a lot of money.

In the search of earning more money, Simmba joins hands with Sibha Durva (Sonu Sood), and dreams of being a jack to his black world.

Meanwhile, Simmba meets Shagun (Sara Ali Khan) in front of the police station, and gradually falls in love with her.

So, not giving you too much an information, I ends this review, you will have to watch the movie to know the rest of the story.

Go watch it, it is a great movie, here is the trailer of it to remind you of what a great movie is this;

PS: I indeed am a Ranveer Singh fan, other actors suck eggs.

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