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Aam Adami Party, some can say cannot catch a break anymore, especially in Punjab.

An Aam Adami Party leader has been beaten by some women at Rayia town of Punjab, allegedly for his misbehavior towards women.

Video of the whole incident was then uploaded to the various social media platforms where it went viral.

Going all old school, ladies in the video tied the ‘Aam Adami’ to the poll and beaten him like, we used to do to the thieves in rural Punjab.

This is not the first controversy which has dragged this guy into an embarrassment.

This precise leader’s name earlier caught attention of media, when he was associated with land mafia and cases of violent clashes.

The leader in question was before a member of Punjab Pradesh Congess Committee and Shiromani Akali Dal and recently has joined Aam Adami Party.

Although the motif of the video or the reason behind his whole incident is unclear, women in the video were shouting “characterless” repeatedly.

Saving his troop, the district in-charge of the Aam Adami Party, Dalbir Singh said, “This whole thing was planned and it was motivated from a land related case.”

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