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The current LoP of the Vidhan Sabha of Punjab Harpal Cheema of Aam Adami Party has today claimed that the Captain government has failed on all the fronts.

A group of MLAs of Aam Adami Party today met the Governor of Punjab, V.P. Badnor.

The group then handed the memorandum on the behalf of teachers agitating in Patiala to the Governor.

Talking to the press after this meet, Harpal Cheema said, “Punjab Government is spending  millions by appointing the retired teachers on various higher positions; on the other hand they are stepping down on the salaries of these poor teachers.”

“They are only spending like four percent of the state’s budget on the most important sector of any generation, education, which has led to this financial crisis” affirmed Cheema.

This is what the great man have said;


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