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It looks like the previous Leader of Opposition Sukhpal Singh Khaira is in no mood of letting go the sacking error his almost previous party committed.

The current Leader of Opposition today earlier offer the previous LoP that Khaira if wants to can contest the upcoming Lok Sabha polls from which ever seat he feels.

But, today again Khaira showed his rock solid stance when he said, ” Thanks but no thanks, this is democracy, people decides whether we want to contest in Lok Sabha polls or not.”

‘Why they are not letting go off this Delhi control mentality? This is just what type of mentality we want them to drop, they are  talking on the behalf of Delhi and we are talking for Punjab that’s the only difference”, claimed a rather amused MLA of Aam Adami Party.

Khiara was today at Amritsar to pay his homage to the victims of Amritsar train accident of Dussera.

The ex-Congressman did not again miss the chance to remind people how he was removed via Twitter, and conveyed the message that the Punjab will accept people who were appointed and removed from a button of Delhi.

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