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Referendum 2020

Referendum 2020 is a big no-no on the streets of Punjab and India and there is nothing in this world that the Indian agencies rather do than to shut down or at least slow the movement’s momentum.

Well actually it is an understatement , they have actually blocked porn in India, but it is a topic for other day.

So, after successfully blocking  the twitter handle of, Sikhs for Justice’s ( the organization behind the movement)  legal advisor, Gurpatwant Singh Panun’s twitter account and WhatsApp the agencies are now planning his e-mail address too.

Sikhs For Justice’s Gurpatwant Panun is known for attacking India and the government openly on social media accounts and on more than one instance challenged the Indian law system on various topics.

The mail banning movement is supposed to be the response of government to the SJF’s usage of e-mail to circulate their ideology after their Twitter and WhatsApp were blocked.

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