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tornadoes in italy

Windstorm and heavy rainfall and tornadoes in Italy have created chaos in many parts of the country.

The city officials evacuated the historic St Mark Square in Venice due to flooding in the city.

According to reports, at least seven people have died in Italy.

After tornadoes swept through Terracina, a city of Italy, two more people were killed as a tree to fall on their car due to tornadoes.

The severe weather has caused widespread disturbance throughout the country.

After a landslide, the officials for the short term has suspended car and rail traffic near the Brenner Pass, a mountain pass linking Italy to Austria.

In Treviso and Belluno provinces, around 160,000 households were left without electricity, according to a regional newspaper.

In a statement, the Civil Protection Agency said, “Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has signed an extraordinary mobilization order for the Veneto region where Venice is located; allowing the Agency to coordinate mobile columns from Italy’s other regions plus the national volunteer corps in response to exceptionally critical situations.”

As per the Superior Institute for Environmental Protection, nearly 16.6% of Italy’s territory is at high risk of floods and landslides during poor weather.

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