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The whole world is aficionada of the traditional dance of New Zealand, the Haka.

The Maori dance which has often been mistaken as the war dance is totally different the usual perception.

The dance is related to the celebration of life. The kiwis perform the dance to mark great accomplishment in life, like marriage or funeral.

From The Adam

As per many folklores of the New Zealand this dance was originated to welcome the summer wife of Sun God, Tama-nui-te-ra, Hine-takurua.

The old-lore dictates  that Tama-nui-te-ra had two wives one, wife-for-summer Hine-Raumati and wife-for-winter Hine-takurua.

It is believed that through this dance the summer-wife can be seen in the hot days in the air, (probably the combination of mirage and dehydration).

There are, in real, as many as three types of Hakas in totaly, the whakatuwaewae, peruperu and tutu ngarahu.


No, not all Haka’s are preformed for the purposes of war. Particularly, peruperu is the only dance related to war.

Peruperu was performed to confuse the opponents and to showcase the power before a fight begun.

Stomping of the feet, making scary faces, vigorously slapping the arms/chest and sticking out tongue again and again are a few main features of the performance.

Don’t forget the unusual chants, those are the best feature of this dance.

On the other hand tutu ngarahu is the dance of joy in which the performers have to jump from side to side too.

In whakatuwaewae there is no jumping but the actions are almost similar to tutu ngarahu.

The XX Chromosomes

Haka of the kiwi land is not reduced to one singular gender, there is a Haka for girls too, known as Ngati Porous haka or “Ka Panapana”.

So here are some videos of the best Hakas performed;


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