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Aman Arora

The young MLA from Aam Adami Party Punjab, Aman Arora had his say on the whole Khaira-Sandu suspension/ detention scenario today.

Aman it looks like is backing his Delhi leadership 100% in this decision of theirs despite of the fact that there are huge displays of anger in the Punjabi community for this decision of the party.

Arora said, “Since last few months Sukhpal Singh Khaira was breaking all the rules of the party, first the conventions, then the whole Political Action Committee (PAC) formation stuff, it was so unfair to the party.”

He was of the view that some of nothing was wrong until he was removed, from the seat of Leader of Opposition, but when three months before when we appointed Harpal Cheema the LoP things went sour and Khaira started taking arms against party.

AAP leader was of the view that there the party did more than enough to make peace, “both groups erected a five member team, but as soon as they met for the first time, he took everything into the soup by going live within 24 hours of the meet.”

Aam Adami Party leader said that the party never close its doors for anyone, but if a person is damaging the neat image of party for his personal benefits, then it is not acceptable at all.

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