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AMRITSAR accident


A train which was coming from Pathankot has crushed as many as 200 people at Amritsar’s Joda Fatak just an hour ago.

Now, the survivors  of the whole incident are claiming that the program was actually supposed to end by six.

Would that have been the case this accident couldn’t have taken place at all.

According to the bystanders this functions was supposed to end by six but speeches from the leaders like, Navjot Kaur Sidhu and Mithu Maidan.

On the other hand some eye witness are also claiming that both leaders fled the scene as soon as the accident happened.

“As the train hit the crowd, within seconds all the leaders took off from the scene, no one thought to have a word with us or to take responsibility at this difficult time, they just fled like cowards”, claimed a person standing near the bodies.

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