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Mithu Madan

Son of a councilor of Amritsar and the organizer of the Dussera event that turned red on the 19th, Sourabh Madan Mithu has today seen in a video breaking into tears while talking about the train accident.

Sourabh claimed that he and his friends took all the needed precautions for the celebration of the event, but still it what happened, happened out of natural causes.

“The walls of Dussera ground were as high as 8-10 feet, we even announced for 5-6 times from the stage  and asked people to clear the railway track, but they did not listened”, claimed a sobbing Madan.

As per Sourabh the function was  arranged inside the ground as the chairs were placed inside it, he cleared that the organizers did not ask anyone to stand on the tracks.

A sniveling Mithu Madan affirmed, ” We organized the event to celebrate something good but what happened was natural and no one could be held guilty for it.”

Organizer of the horror event, also claimed that he did, what he could, but some of his foes are trying to trap him into the whole thing.

He ended the video by breaking into tears before asking for help, as his family is going through a lot at the moment.

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