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Pakistan is going through the worst economic crisis in the whole history of this country. Their solid supporter and oldest partner in crime USA, has pulled its hand out from helping the country.

New President of USA, Donald Trump is quite clear on his stand against Pakistan.

Even after the Pulwama attack of 14th February, that was allegedly supported  by Pakistan government, he warned the Islamic country to, ” immediately end any support and safe house provided to the terrorist groups operating on its land.”

Just like the thirsty crow, Pak has now started to put every pebble they can into their almost empty pitcher of wealth in the order to repeat the folklore but, the things are not going well for them at the instance.

After requesting to which ever nation they can, to help them, now Indian neighbor has loosen up their passport and visa rules to attract more tourists into the country.

However, this is as per Imran Khan government is just another step to strengthen their economy  but, as per political experts, this step shall only make the ‘Jinnah land’ more venerable and expose it to terrorism more than ever.

As the international image has been damaged drastically in last few decades, the question is who would ever go to a land where bombing, mass shooting and lynching is an everyday event?

Meanwhile to be a magnet for the tourists and possible business/investment opportunities, Pakistan has reduced the visa fees structure, for countries, China, Turkey, Malaysia, UK and UAE, Paki visa is available online, with a marginal fees of $8.

Including the above-mentioned, 175 countries shall be able to apply the visa online. On the other end, where business visas has been stretched from previous 48 to 96 now, which as claimed by Information Minister of Pakistan, Fawad Chaudhry, shall be extended to 170 countries.

Although, Pakistan is claiming that they have increased the security of the country and their land is now more  secure than ever, people still are worried about security and rightly so.

As per report released by Pakistan, last year 262 terror attacks took place and 595 people were killed in them.

Even though, the Khan government is claiming that this year terrorist attacks have taken a dip as low as 29 per cent as compared to previous year.

Would you go to Pak, Ever?

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