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Sukhpal Singh Khaira the previous Leader of Opposition was suspended from the party a few days ago but, it looks like that the man is still living rent free inside the minds of AAP leaders.

Today the current head of the Aam Adami Party Punjab, Bhagwant Singh Mann was present at Amritsar where he inaugurated the office of Kuldeep Dhaliwal, MP candidate.

Dhaliwal is one of the five candidates announced by Aam Adami Party, for next year’s Lok Sabha elections.

When asked about Sukhpal Singh Khaira he said, “Party runs with discipline, it is must for all of us to follow the conduct.”

Replying on the possible return of MLA Bholath in the party, he said, “He can come back into the party, if he is ready to make peace with the discipline of the party.”

Bhagwant Mann who is always on the right end of the things, today lost his cool, on the question of Delhi leadership’s manhandling the party.

“Jadon Bholath Di Ticket Ayi C, Oh Aap Ayi Si? Delhiyon Ayi Si Oh Vi” (The Bholath ticket was issued from Delhi as well, he did not generate it by himself), claimed Mann.

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