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Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer promised on Thursday to get tough on crimes against child abuse.

Scheer said that he would ensure mandatory minimum sentences of five years for sexual crimes against children.

The penalty should ‘fit the crime’ and that the survivors need to be assured that the federal government would make sure that the offenders are punished appropriately, said Conservative leader Scheer.

In a statement released, Scheer said, “Under my leadership, a Conservative government will always put the rights of victims ahead of the rights of criminals. We will ensure that anyone who harms or sexually exploits a child will be behind bars.”

David Taylor, communications director for federal Justice Minister David Lametti, backtalk today at Andrew Scheer, who claims that the current sentencing guidelines for child abuse crimes fall short.

According to reports, Taylor said, “The Criminal Code mandates serious jail time for those convicted of offences against children. For example, there is a 14-year maximum for sexual offences and aggravated assault as well. If a restricted weapon is used in the crime, life imprisonment – the harshest penalty available under Canadian law — is possible.

Taylor added that life sentences are also available in cases involving forcible confinement, human trafficking and kidnapping of children.

Scheer is working to define himself and his party by rolling out some policy announcements prior October elections.

On Wednesday, Scheer pledged fundings for survivor services, police and public awareness to fight trafficking of humans.

The Conservative leader added that he would some make changes to the Criminal Code to make it easier to convict people accused of it.

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