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After just one day of the second anniversary of the notorious demonetization, PM of India, Narendra Modi was in Jagdalpur, where he addressed a rally.

He just like any other recent public addresses of his, was clearly anxious. Modi out of nowhere blamed Congress India for supporting Urban Maoists.

“Urban Maoist study abroad, drive fancy cars, live in their AC homes and try to disrupt the peace of our country, why is Congress supporting these urban Maoists?” asked PM Modi.

Let me remind you this is the same state where Maoists are so active that the Election Commission has to use various ways to lure people out.

For one instance, EC has displayed banner all over the rural area of the state, which reads, “ Let’s celebrate, ‘vote pandum’ (the festival of Vote), in Gondi language.

Ironically this is the first time that there in a state election commission banners of voting awareness have outnumbered the banners of other political parties, in any state.

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