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Application or Website

In this new world of people making and selling things on the internet, this is probably the toughest decision one has to take.

Where certain people are tilted towards developing a website first, some people think, it is a stupid idea, and one must try one’s hand on mobile application first.

However, I believe that this decision is based on the requirements and targets of the person. Let’s expand this debate further by discussing pros of both websites and mobile applications.

Mobile Application

Rule of Five

Developing an application first will be a perfectly right decision if you are of the view that your users will be visiting it more than five times a day.

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Notifying your mobile application users is an easier task. Remember when we used to access Facebook on our mobile phone’s web browser? Wasn’t it a total disaster back then right?

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Similarly, your application can make people its fan but only if your app is bug-free and as fast as the light.

Phone Features Will Work Better

If you want to use phone-related features like, camera or sensors they will work better with the help of the mobile application.

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Features like these will not work correctly through a webpage which will only frustrate and shoo away the users.


Better Reach

Websites will always fetch you more users than your mobile application, which means you will be able to convey your message or services to more people.

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On websites tools like landing pages, SEO and keywords will help you lure more people into downloading your application.

Websites Are Better For Providing Detailed Data

Sites are a way better platform to present long and detailed data. Where on the mobile application you will have to adjust with larger font and short screen, it is not the case with the websites.

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So, if you are planning to present elaborate theories, data, statistics and pie charts, there is no way you will be able to provide all the information and do justice with it on an application, you have to get a website.

Ending Note

Here are the valid arguments to settle the great application or website first argument.

If you are one of those chaps who has his/her eyes on developing the website first, why don’t you give an excellent tool like Site Sonic a chance to create your website?

It is an online tool which is very easy to use and will create your website in no time.

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