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It’s been observed people categorized having similar diseases tend to follow same prescriptions, diets or exercises from the same doctor or youtube channel.

It’s an era of digitalization and information is flooded on the various sites of internet where they tell about weight loss, weight gain, exercise related to a particular disease.

There are food items with glossy pictures and their specialized nutritional value written on it.

Word of mouth

Not only this, but where people are taken more into confidence is when there are words of mouth of people.

Words of mouth is when people narrate their own experiences.

It’s more likely that experiences of other people are much more
considered to be reliable and authentic.

It’s more like that every person is seeking health and is almost ready to pay any price to get rid of that pain.

So, we see in earlier times we had old ladies telling us things out of their experience. Now we have social networking sites telling us to do things.

All in all, our basic culture is same, only modes have evolved.

So, returning back to our topic, I would like to ask any doctor or an experienced dietician-

Is  diabetes is of only one kind or is it different from bodies to bodies?

It is so because as per my knowledge people are very different at having their metabolism rates.

Metabolism rate is the amount of energy used by an animal per unit time.

There have been cases around as well that one prescription for one person is not the one for the other.

So that’s why we have our personal prescriptions from our doctors.

But I’m trying to convey is that we have sedentary lifestyles and different bodies.

So, we must be cautious towards what kind of food that we eat.

It’s as in if bad food can be poisonous then right diet can be a healer as well.

So, let’s pledge today that we’ll have our prescribed diets and will not follow the internet sites because our body is not universal

It’s special and very unique. So let’s celebrate it’s uniqueness and give it a special treatment

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