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Known for his outspoken nature against the neighboring state of Pakistan, Punjab’s Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh today again commented sharply against the claims made by the Prime Minister of Pakistan regarding his country’s involvement in the latest terrorist attack in Pulwama.

On the request of Imran Khan about filing evidences, Captain said that India has provided evidence several times to Pakistan but no action has been taken against the terrorists by the green state.

He said that now the Indian government should take action only. Captain claimed that terrorist Azhar Mahmood is the tout of Pakistan, which is supporting him to destroy India.
This is the actual statement published on his official Facebook page by Captain Amarinder Singh;

“Dear Imran Khan (official) you have Jaish chief Masood Azhar sitting in Bahawalpur & masterminding the attacks with ISI help. Go pick him up from there. If you can’t let us know, we’ll do it for you. BTW what has been done about the proofs of Mumbai’s 26/11 attack. Time to walk the talk.”

In is important to mention here; the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, has spoken openly for the first time after the Pulwama attack, today.

He said that there is no hand of Pakistan in the Pulwara attack and India is making allegations without any evidence.

Khan declared that he is ready for every inquiry.

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