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US-Mexico Border

On the US-Mexico border, it boots barbed wire fence in a crowd of cameras.

When asked about that why the barbed wire which doesn’t extend to the sea, doesn’t extend up the hill, US Secretary of Homeland Security, Kirstjen Nielsen said, “First of all in the sea what you see is the United States Coast Guard, I have full faith and confidence that they’ll be able to stop anybody.”

Kirstjen Nielsen

“In terms of up the wall what I would say is, this is where we saw the biggest potential place where we did see migrants climbing the wall, wherever we see them, we will put wire up and we will make sure they cannot enter the country illegally,” added Kirstjen Nielsen.

Nielsen was seen touring the partially fortified border in Tijuana.

Kirstjen Nielsen touring

The Trump administration has ordered the military to back up Border patrol.

“Don’t worry about the things, these are tough people,” President Donald Trump said.

donald trump

But the President’s attempt to turn away all asylum seekers at the Southern border has been blocked by a Federal Judge ruling refugees have a right to have their cases heard.

The shelters here in Tijuana are already overflowing and thousands more are expected to arrive in the next coming days.

Some people say that they’re willing to wait four months while some locals want them to leave now.

us mexico border

Border patrol and the military are now bracing for a rush on the border that is yet to be seen.

(Harleen Sandhu)

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