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Mohali police today has submitted their challan (ticket) in court against gangster Dilpreet on notorious, singer Permish Verma shooting.

The police in their ticket has claimed that gangster Dilpreet Dhahan or Dilpreet Baba who allegedly shot with the help of his friend, Arun Kumar (sunny) intended to kill the singer.

Police has also made alleged that Baba himself was the mastermind of the whole thing and he was helped by four more men.

As per the cops Dilpreet got ten lakh rupees as ransom from the “Taur Nal Chada” fame, from which he spent six and four has been recovered by the police.

FYI, Dilpreet is supposedly the same man who took a shot at singer Permish Verma, when the singer was coming home from a concert earlier this year on the night of 13-14 April.

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