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Pammi Bai is best known for his signature smile and promotion of traditional Punjabi folk music, dance and vibrant dresses.

Bai is one of those Punjabi singers who stuck to their roots and not caved in to the pressure of the ever westernizing Punjabi music industry.

Paramjit Singh Sidhu professionally known as Pammi Bai is a singer who has kept himself rooted to the basics of Punjabi folk singing.

In an exclusive interview, with Global Punjab TV, when I asked Pammi Bai, does he see any difference between old Punjabi culture and in new age Punjabi Culture.

He said, “Our Punjabi culture has not been changed at all. The only problem is that some people want to be in the market with their Noisy songs. And with these types of songs they want to create their own Punjabi culture, which is not so possible. Our youngsters are quite modern now. They are forgetting our roots.”

What he said more? Watch the full interview for it.

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