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(Boney Bindra) When this country was formed and there used to be several states not just one united state, even then, the kings used to have secret agents, who may tell them about the possible rebellions in their states.

Till today, many countries and India too, use the services of these secret agents for getting the internal hidden information of the country.

But after yesterday, these secret agencies are quite confused about what happened in Punjab, three major parties of Punjab were rallying all over the state.

There were people everywhere but what caught their eye was, Bargadi March.

SAD “Jabar Virodhi Rally”

Shiromani Akali Dal, knowing that this rally could have been their last chance to revive their party, did everything that was in their reach to make sure a huge crowd is reflected on the ground.

There were estimated 80 thousand people at Patiala’s Mehmadpura village to attend the “Jabar Virodhi Rally”.

Although, Shiromani Akali Dal, is claiming that they gathered over 2 Lakh people on 7th, but we all know how politics work when it comes to the numbers.


People are still talking about Akali Dal’s head, Sukhbir Singh Badal’s calling his own father, “father like”. We although cleared the air on this thing with video proof.

If you are still clinging on the Sukhbir Badal “Papa Speech” click here to know the truth.

Now, after seeing the crowd people have started to question that how come so many men and women, boys and girls attended.

So, the Populace of Punjab now believes that the video below is of the people who attended the Aklai rally and were paid 300 rupees each.

Captain’s Flop Show

Yes, when three giants clash, two have to lose, but it looks like Captain’s Lambi rally didn’t only lose but it also tarnished his crown in ways that now it cannot be repaired easy.

Let’s talk about numbers, there were only 35,000 people at the Congress rally, yes it is a huge amount but in front of Badal’s river of a crowd it was nothing.


Leave alone the crowds, even the new start campaigner of Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee, Navjot Singh Sidhu was absent from the party.

His absence as per our experts cost Amarinder Singh and Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee.

Many photos of the people holding the Congress’ pamphlets and receiving “Pettiyan of Daru” started floating on social media right after the Lambi rally.


Nonetheless, no one knows what the truth is!

Bargadi March

It was one of the most amazing crows I have seen till now in my journalistic career of ten years. The big thing was, there were no comfortable seats to sit unlike Aklai rally, there were no means of transportation unlike Congress’ rally, but there was sheer ambition.

Image result for bargadi march 7 october

If you looking for the exact numbers no one can get you that, but as per an estimate there were at least 2.5 lakh people there.

The ocean of people had no end and no beginning. Wherever the eyes went there were people, old, young, and even kids.

People wanted to be a part of this march, not because of money, not because of political connections but for their religion, their Guru.

At the end of this march the religious bodies involved in this march gave the ultimatum of 15 days. If Captain Government won’t do anything then the situation can get bitter.


The only negative thing that came out of the rally was that now the Sikh bodies have come under the sight of Indian Agencies.

Even the agencies are aware of the fact that if a reason can gather so many people on one day, a reason can also led them to do several things, violent things.


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