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Does your messy hair bother you every morning? Do you imagine yourself waking up with lustrous and bouncy hair like the models on TV screen?

Then here are some tried and tested hacks to solve hair entangles.

Try these easy tips before getting into bed without pulling even a penny out of your pocket.

And next morning you will walk to mirror with gorgeous hair with almost no efforts.

  1. Silky Pillows for Silky Hair

Throw your regular cotton pillows and shop around for silk pillows.

Cotton Pillows create friction that, further roughen up and entangles them.

Silk is a skin friendly fabric and also keeps you young with no skin lines and wrinkles.

  1. Bouncy morning

All of us crave for a bouncy hair, here is a easy fix.

Before hitting bed, apply a little volumizing spray on your damp head and tie a high pony tail and secure that into a bun with the bobby pins.

And next morning you just have to run your fingers through hair and say hie to the bouncy you in mirror.

  1. Mask Nap

Masks are must for nourished hair and there is no better time to mask your head then night.

Leaving masks over night gives your head ample to absorb all the nutrients.

Make sure you cover your head with shower caps to avoid messy sheets.

Homemade Mask recipe:

  • 4 tablespoon of almond milk
  • Egg yolk
  • Two tablespoon of coconut oil

Wash it off a mild shampoo next morning.

For best results apply this mask twice week

  1. Avoid Damp Sleep

Hitting the bed right after night shower can wreak havoc on your hair next morning.

Damp tresses are prone to ergo which leads to hair breakage.

Plus the overnight sleep will lead to funny waves and flat sides and crinkles.

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