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It is quite good thought to ponder upon-Is kiss only a gesture of making love or does it has real psychological and physiological benefits?

Kiss is a gesture that we greet people with. May it be on face or on lip.

But all in all I want to ask: Is it only for greeting people?

Amazingly, kiss can have much benefits- Studies have proved that.

Kiss has proved to improve people’s oxytocin levels after a mentally stressful task.

Oxytocin is a hormone that gets kicked up when engaged in sexual intercourse.

Kissing has an obvious role to play in polishing up one’s intimate relationships.

It makes people happy and show prominent physiological changes.

Kiss helps in reducing stress levels.

Human bodies have a substance in skin name ‘Sebum’ which gets exchanged while kissing sends chemical signals to brain.

These chemical signals are associated with love, affection and bonding.

So a conclusion can be drawn that if a person is looking for long-term relationship, then one must kiss early and often.

All in all, If aggression and anger can have detrimental effects on health then love or gestures of love can have good effects too.

Surprisingly, anger affects both physiologically and psychologically, so does love.

May be it can be quoted that precisely both love and anger have their symbolic colour ‘Red’.




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