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Sukhpal Singh Khaira it looks like will going to have a big impact on Aam Adami Party’s future in the state.

Yet another big leader of the party has left the party calming party’s actions are not acceptable.

Aam Adami Party’s Pathankot think tank’s biggest player Suresh Khajooriya left the party claiming that he is not happy with party’s activities.

“When I joined the party the agenda of the party was very different, but I believe that the party has now lost that path,” said Khajooriya.

Suresh was party’s Pathankot vice-president; he also fought from the Gurdaspur seat for AAP during the 2017 Punjab elections.

This story can be seen in the same context of Sukhpal Khaira and Kanwar Sandhu’s suspension from the party.

Many leaders of the party are unhappy with the suspension of the previous LoP and MLA Kharar from the Aam Adami Party.

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