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As Indian women being tricked day in day out in fake marriages by the NRI grooms/bride , to tackle the rampant situation, Rajya Sabha of India have introduced  a bill to tame this raging bull.

If and when the bill is passed, it will bound the NRIs to register  marriage within 30 days.

Besides ,if Wo/man do not register his/her marriage within 30 days of its domestic registration, then his passport can be cancelled or impounded.

Moreover, court can impound his/her  properties ;if s/he falls to register the marriage in given time.

Additionally, ‘Registration of Marriage of Non-Resident Indian Bill 2019′ allows passport authorities to cancel  travel documents of NRIs too.

This law shall be applicable on NRIs who are marrying Indian ladies/Gents, on desi land as well as outside the nation.

However , because it was the last session of Lok Sabha,  therefore, it couldn’t be passed in Lok Sabha.

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