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(Tanu Deep) So, we have talked about the evolution of behaviour of our society and the tremendous active impact of social media. Secondly, if people are more in number, then the probability of receiving help decreases.

Earlier, we also talked about, What was the security guard doing on the road with the Wife and Child of Judge. Whereas he was suppose to be the Judge, that too in the Court Room. He was also made to do other households chores which were not a part of his job profile.

Not the story of one sector

This was also brought into notice by ‘Satyamev Jayate’  that in Police, 92% are constables. It is the lowest post in the hierarchy of Police.

Now imagine, Police Constables constitute of 92% and they were made to do odd jobs such as cleaning utensils, washing clothes, doing dishes, cooking food, washing cars. What not other than the work of their actual job profile.

Just ponder, What is going to be the situation of the nation when the Constables will be doing household chores of senior Police Officers?

It’s a big Question Mark on the safety of the nation.

May be, one attribution can be made to the above situation for the increasing crime rate in the country.

So, Guards are not treated as Guards, Policemen are not treated as Policemen.

Unambiguous Margins of Classes Society

Furthermore, we started talking about the well- marked and defined demarcations of higher and lower class of society. It’s about the knitting of our social fabric and how messed up it is from centuries.

It is more concentrated on the consistent attack on the self-respect by upper social class on lower class and insulting lower class for the kind of work they do.

This is so for sure that all this consistent rudeness or misbehavior is going to destroy the mental health of a person. All this will lead to increase in aggression and frustration.

The misdeed done by this servant is quite a sign of frustration which led to aggression. This aggression is an indication that a man is so much depressed and annoyed by his current situation that one is seeking for solace.

Increasing Crime Rate

We can see whole over the country that there are various mob lynchings, cyber bullings, sexual abuse, rapes, harassments at work or in private or even in public settings.

About mob lynchings, various deadly bloodshed examples can be quoted.

The case of Akku Yadav

The case of Akku Yadav (32) was allegedly a killer, rapist and a kidnapper. He raped a woman of Kasturba Nagar which is in slum area.

During the court proceeding, Akku mocked at woman saying when he’ll get out of court he’ll rape the woman again.

This made the mob of women very angry.

Lastly, At 3 pm on August 13th 2004 Akku was stabbed over seventy times, stoned on face, chili powder stuffed in the eyes and penis hacked off and lynched to death by over 200 women,at too on the floor of Nagpur district court.

Vigilante Justice.

This is an example of vigilante justice.

Vigilante justice is any time someone attempts to carry out the law without being elected, hired, or affirmed to represent the government in terms of protecting and carrying out the law.

Essentially, this is someone acting of their own accord in order to attempt to do good (we hope).

This is all being done because justice is not fair or is quite delayed. So there is need that the power of authority must go in right hands.

There are countless and deadly examples of these mob lynchings taking place throughout the country. It’s sad to tell that it’s increasing which is not a thing to appreciate.

I mean taking the law in one’s own hand is not something to applaud for.

In other words, it means that the situation of the country is going worse, economy is sinking, population is growing, food is less, inflation is increasing, petrol prices are shooting high, common man is burdened.

All in all, population of whole country is so frustrated, irritated and don’t know even something known as mental health.

.Is the act justifiable?

Before talking about the term Mental Health, we would think about a point, that is-

Is this way of seeking solace and taking the life of two people rationalized?

A clear answer that comes our mind is ‘NO’.

But yet we’ll address upon this issue. We would like to think ‘Does venting out our anger on someone else is justifiable and right manner in which our anger must seek solace?

In any manner, it’s not, Might be done by an individual or by mob.

Trying to look at the other half of the story

In this case, more of the limelight is given to the Guard. His family problems are being talked, the behaviour of Judge’s family is spoken and a lot more which almost led to his deterioration of mental state.

This existence exists as a whole and the happening must be addressed as a whole rather than just focusing on one of it’s elements.

We all must be familiar with the movie ‘Jolly L.L.B 2’ starred by Akshay Kumar. In this movie,  Saurabh Shukla who is playing the role of a Judge kind of tries to describe the life of a judge.

One can easily draw out an inference that Judges too have a very hectic life. By not being physically present in the situation, they have to announce a judgement which has to be fair.

Whenever any quarrel takes place everybody knocks the door of court.

So, it is the moral responsibility of every Judge to be fair and  same is the expectation of every person whose seeking fairness.


Now it can be imagined how tiresome and arduous is the job of a Judge.

It is almost understandable about the mental health of the victim as well.


All in all, it can be taken into consideration that we all as human beings are trying to seek solace but in wrong and unapproved methods. Because right ones are not taught to us.

(To Be Continued)

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