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(Harleen Sandhu) Lightning doesn’t strike twice but for this businessman it has.

First stroke of fortune came for Steve Hillier on Sunday when he won $1 million in the Lotto Max draw.

And on Monday, the second stroke came when Steve was elected councillor in ward 14 in London, Ontario.

Hillier, father of two, did not share his secret of lottery with his friends before he proceeded to Toronto to cash his ticket on Wednesday.

His family was shocked, the businessman said.

The councilor told, “They said, ‘I think dad is having a heart attack’, because literally I was in shock.”

“If I could have parlayed that (luck) in Vegas can you imagine the money you’d make on that,” he added further.

With the winning amount, he will probably spent paying off his mortgage, his sons’ student loans and maybe another car.

Steve says his wife wants a new house.

“Now I’m actually going to work full-time at city council for ward 14 and without regret and without thinking about anything else,” Hillier said in a statement.

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