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female board directors

California has happened to be the first state to mandate publicly traded companies to comprise women on their boards of directors.

According to a law signed by Governor Jerry Brown, it requires a minimum of one female director on every board of directors of California-based companies by the end of 2019.

Corporations would be required to include at least three female directors by the end of 2021, on the basis of the number of board seats.ted

Some European countries, including Norway and France, already mandate that corporate boards include women.

State Sen. Hannah-Beth Jackson while authorizing SB 826 bill, said, “Having more women on boards will make companies more successful.”

“Women tend to be more cordial and are good at multitasking,” the Santa Barbara Democrat said.

Democrat asserted that maximum participation of women in power would help reduce sexual assault and harassment in the workplace.

It is noteworthy that one-fourth of publicly operated corporations with their headquarters in California don’t comprise any female on boards of directors.

These corporations haven’t done enough to elevate the number of females on their boards despite the Legislature’s urging which makes government intrusion essential.

The public and business will be well-served by removing this level of discrimination on the basis of gender.

This is one of the last bastions of total male domination.

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