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Few months back a tornado hit Punjabi politics, when two MLAs of the new Aam Adami Party were detained from Canada.

MLA Kotkapura, Kaltar Singh Sandhwan and MLA Ropar Amarjit Singh Sandoa were turned back with red faces and as per some political experts became a laughingstock in the state’s politics.

But after all these months, the Canadian government has apologized for their misconduct towards the MLAs.

As per one of the MLAs concerned, Sandoa, Punjab Vidhan Sabha’s speaker had a talk with the Canadian government and they have apologized for their conduct.

Sandoa told Global Punjab TV that the Canadian government had no right to keep anyone waiting for six hours the flight is already too long and when people have to wait more, it is murderous.

Thanking the Punjab Government’s action and help on this issue MLA Ropar said, ” We are totally satisfied with the way things went and the role of Punjab government was good.”

“I will write a letter to the Foreign Ministry and Punjab Government as well, so that not only, MLAs, MPs or politicians but no Punjabi ever is troubled at Canadian airport,” said the AAP leader.

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