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A new law proposed to cut the gender wage gap is scheduled to come in effect in Ontario in only two months, but Doug Ford’s government is not executing to that agenda.

According to the Ontario Liberals, the Pay Transparency Act is the first legislation of its kind in Canada.

Last spring, when the bill was passed, the Ontario Liberals were in power.

The law is due to take effect on January 1.

The new law would force companies to state a salary range in all publicly advertised job postings and would make it illegal for future employers to ask job interview candidates about their current or previous earnings.

Also it requires firms with over 100 employees to reveal to the province data about gender, salary and ethnicity, starting in 2021.

In an interview at Queen’s Park, Laurie Scott, Ontario’s Labour Minister said, “We’re committed to the principle of the Pay Transparency Act.”

Until October 2020, the PCs are also cutting the minimum wage at $14 per hour.

In March, the Pay Transparency Act was introduced by Kathleen Wynne’s Liberal government.

The law was passed just before the Legislature dissolved for the June election.

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