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11,000 jobs

Last month, the economy added 11,200 jobs regardless of fewer people searching for work, said Statistics Canada on Friday.

The numbers in October meant that the economy has added approximately 206,000 new jobs in the last year.

However, the unemployment rate in Canada has fluctuated between 5.8 and 6% for the previous year.

Economist Brian DePratto with Toronto-Dominion bank, in spite of the lesser jobless rate and minor uptick in jobs, said that on the whole, the report showed reasons for concern.

“The decline in the unemployment rate can be largely put down to fewer Canadians engaging with labour markets, not an encouraging sign,” said economist Brian.

The country’s economy put in about 34,000 full-time positions during the months, yet that was an offset by a shortfall of 22,600 part-time jobs.

By state:

  1. Quebec added more than 9,000 jobs.
  2. Saskatchewan and Ontario added 2,500 each.
  3. Manitoba added 1,800.

All over other places, there were lesser people employed in the month of October than in the last month.

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