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On the one hand when the social media and opposition parties of Punjab are making fun of Congress government’s not fulfilled promise of smart phones, video evidences are showing that Captain’s own MLAs are seeing the fun side of this matter.

Today, when Captain Amarinder Singh came out from Vidhan Sabha and was talking to press he was again poked with the question of “Free Smartphones”.

Although, Captain confidently dodged the question, saying his government has already sided some amount from budget for the Free Smartphone Scheme and very soon brand new phones shall be distributed to youth.

While Amarinder Singh was tackling this question calmly two of his MLAs standing behind are seen laughing at the very point when the Chief Minister of Punjab says, “Budget has already been approved for the Smartphone scheme”.

Now, whether they are laughing at Captain’s statement or they are laughing at something of their own it is under doubt.

Leader on the left in yellow turban is MLA Lakhbir Singh Lodhinangal and in the red turban is congress MLA Navtej Singh Cheema.

Now, what actions shall be taken against them, shall be interesting to see. See the video here;


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