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“Kiki Do you love me? Are you Riding?
Say you will Never eva leave from beside me
‘Cause I want you, and I need you
And I am dawn for you always “

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The not so new sensational song from Canadian sensational rapper, was the reason why the dangerous “KiKi Challenge”.

Now let me remind you this is the same challenge many people across the world lost their lives. Even in India and Punjab where many people hurt themselves while doing this dump challenge.

Police Intervened

The challenge was spreading so fast that various police departments from around the country had to post warnings against this dangerous challenge.

Here are some of them;

The Mumbai Police twitter handle while tweeting a ‘kiki-challenge’ gone wrong video, said

“Not just a risk for you but your act can put life of others at risk too. Desist from public nuisance or face the music!”


While posting a photo of 22 year old boy who died during taking Kiki challenge, Jaipur police has tweeted,

“Don’t challenge death. Be wise, keep away from silly stunts & advise your friends as well to stay safe.”

Punjab Police Zindabaad

People stopped doing the KiKi Challenge for now but it is the new desi style kiki challenge video that is circling the social media sites that is making people worried nowadays.

The video shows some 5 policemen going in a car dancing on Diljeet’s song, “Jehda Dhakke Chadh Geya Yaran De, Punjab Police Sardaran De”.

The man making this video can be seen wearing no uniform, but the others involved in this video are clearly police officers.

Now the Faults

Yes, everyone should loosen up day to day, but these police officers are not just loosing up, these people are violating many laws in one single video.

1. They are clearly drunk in the video, first offence is drink and drive.
2. The driver police officer and the person sitting next to him on the left front seat, both aren’t wearing any seatbelts.
3. If they are on duty and were drinking, this is an offence too.
4. Even if they were off duty, these police officials should be suspended soon, because they were still in their uniforms, these kinds of videos will only tarnish the image of Punjab Police.

The Video Itself

Here is the video;

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