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chief palmer

Vancouver Police Chief Palmer is ensuring the public that the departments of police across the country are all set for Wednesday, when recreational marijuana becomes lawful.

At a news conference,Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police’s President Adam Palmer said, “I’m here to tell Canadians that police are ready.”

Implementing new laws covering legal weed will be “work-in-progress”, said Chief Palmer.

For decades the police have been dealing with drug-impaired driving, reminded Vancouver Police Chief.

Presently, in the standard field sobriety testing, 13,000 Canadian police officers have been training.

The number is likely to increase to 20,000 in the next few years.

833 Canadian police officers have obtained advanced specialized training as drug-recognition experts, confirmed Palmer.

He further said that there is goal of training 500 more.

In November 2017, the House of Commons passed a bill to legalize recreational cannabis, which was further approved in June by the Senate.

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