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If we look at the videos from previous day’s “Jabar Virodhi Rally” of Shiromani Akali Dal, a flood of Akalis can be seen in it.

In every manner it may look like a success, there were at least 70-80 thousand people present at Patiala.

However, a video has been circulating on the social media since last evening in which some oldies from the villagers of Samana are claiming to have attended the rally.

Satnam Singh from the village Fatehpur claimed that some Modgill guy distributed 300 rupee per person to attend their rally.

“He penned down our names, made a list and asked us to sit in the bus to attend the rally,” claimed Satnam Singh.

Meanwhile some of the people in video are even claiming that they were taken to rally, but the money promised, was never provided.

A furious Surinder Singh of Samana, affirmed that he was, just like others, promised to get 300 rupees after attending the rally.

But, after the rally was over first this “Mysterious Modgill” declined having his name in the list and then when he proved that he actually went there, Modgill said “I am coming back with change” although never did he.

Surinder making a serious claim said, “Not only our names were written but they also made videos of us too, I want my 300 rupees, this is unfair everyone got it, why aren’t they giving me mine?”

When asked what will he his debt is not paid?

“Chup Kar Jange Fer Hor Ki Karange?” (Is there any other option than staying mum?) asked Singh.

The authentication of the video is under the scanner anyhow, because it hasn’t been said anywhere in the clip that these people were taken to Patiala, but many social media pages are using it as a tool to look down at Shiromani Akali Dal.

See the video;

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