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Today when Congressmen all around the globe are celebrating the ‘palm-party’ win in the three states of India, PM Modi was busy doing bhangra, that too at the UP headquarters of Indian National Congress.

See yourself here;

When this video might have left many pro-modi or Modi Bhakts with the burn marks, this person is actually not Narendra Bhai, but his doppelganger, Abhinandan Pathak.

Abhinandan is the same person who campaigned in many regions of Uttar Pradesh for then Prime Minister candidate of BJP, Narendra Modi, in his absence.

“My mother has told me to go and campaign for Modiji as, he cannot go everywhere,” reads one his pre-election statements.

But, later the same person, Pathak complained and claimed that he is being beaten daily for the reason that he looks a lot like PM of India which as per some people is doing a miserable job.

Pathak since this October is campaigning for Congress, hence he is seen enjoying in the Congress camp.

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