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GD Agarwal died

In the world of self-seekers still, there are many who truly are the nature lovers and want to protect the mother earth.

In those names, one of the renowned conservationists GD Agarwal died yesterday after an indefinite fast.

It’s an obituary that protecting Ganga’s water and ensure its purity is government job but still the environmentalists like Agarwal are sacrificing their lives and receiving no support.

Agarwal was ex-secretary of the Central Pollution Control Board and also a former well-known professor at IIT.

Here important to mention that Agarwal was on fast-unto-death since January 15, this year.

He was simply not satisfied with the inactiveness of officials over ineffective efforts at cleaning the Ganga.

Apart from this, he had also raised his voice earlier against making the dams and tunnels on Ganga as these steps are possibly disturbing the natural flow of the sacred river.

However, there is a saying ‘All in vain’ he took his last breath in Rishikesh and a literal ecologist turned his eyes off forever.

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